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SOUP Descriptions
MANCHOW SOUP A soup mixture finely cut Veggies, garlic, ginger, green chillies and celery cooked in soya sauce
HOT N SOUR SOUP The soup contains ingredients to make it both spicy and sour
SWEET CORN SOUP The delicate and pleasant flavour of corn makes this a popular choice. Enjoy it sweet 
LEMON CORIANDER SOUP With fresh vegetables and flavour of lemon and coriander leaves
TOM YUM SOUP A lovely hot and sour soup with authentic Thai flavours of, chilli and basil
THAI CORIANDER SOUP Mixed vegetable versin thai spicy
LEMON PEPPER SOUP An vegetable soup with lemon and and pepper both combination makes the soup tasty
DOUBLE CORN MAZZA SOUP A tasty combination of sweet corn and vegetable with chilly oil
STARTERS Descriptions
SPRING ROLL Chinese dish consisting of a savoury mixture of vegetables and rolled up in a thin pancake and fried served with hot garlic sauce
PEKING CORN Creamy sweet corn cake tossed in hunan sauce
MANCHURIAN Mix vegetable dumpling cooked in Indo Chinese style
PANEER CHILLI Is a simple dish made frompaneer (soft cheese), bell peppers, green chilies and other spices to give it a nice yummy
CIGA ROLL Crispy roll pancake stuffed with english vegetable, Cheese and shredded paneer
PANEER SCHEZWAN Stir fried paneer cooked & tossed in spicy Schezwan sauce
PANEER KUNG PAO Fried paneer tossed in oriantad spicy and peanut cottage cheese with broccoli
BELL PEPPER RINGS A tasty combination of sweet corn and vegetable with chilly oil
PANEER SHANGHAI Paneer shanhgai is an aromatic flavor of Indian cottage cheese cooked with Chinese sauces and cashew nuts
POTATO SCHEZWAN Crispy potato wedges tossed spicy schezwan sauce
CRISPY VEG Mixed vegetable crispy fried tossed in hot garlic sauce

Paneer marinated in cheffs special sauce and deep fried with thin noodles

DRAGON POTATO Fried potato cooked with hot garlic sauce
RED PEPPER MUSHROOM CHILLY Red bell papper with mushroom mixed with spicy pepper sauce
RICE Descriptions
THAI RICE Mixed vegetable add mushroom babycron In thai sauce
VEG FRIED RICE Rice tossed with soy sauce and vegetables
SCHEZWAN RICE A delectable blend of spicy flavours that are sure to tease your palate
HUNAN FRIED RICE Spicy vegetable rice with hunan sauce
GARLIC BURNT RICE Garlic fried rice is an oriental rice with the rice stir fried withburnt garlic and assorted Veggies
SINGAPORE RICE Rice tossed with turmeric flavours
COMBINATION RICE Combination of Veg fried rice, noodles and topped with gravy
BURNT GARLIC SPINACH RICE Rice with burnt Garlic and fried Spinach tossed to perfection
BELL PEPPER RINGS A tasty combination of sweet corn and vegetable with chilly oil
THAI RED CURRY Descriptions
THAI CURRY (RED,GREEN) Coconut milk based spicy gravy cooked with exotic vegetables
KHOWSUEY Khow Suey is a Burmese noodle dish with a delicately spiced coconut milk sauce, noodle and english veggies
VEG HOISIN SAUCE Stir-fry veggies in hoisin sauce
PANEER BANK KOK Coconut milk based gravy with cottage cheese and veggies
MANCHURIAN GRAVY Vegetable Manchurians are deep fried in a soya sauce based gravy
STIR FRIED VEG BLACKBEAN SAUCE A delicious combination of long beans, red peppers, ginger, garlic,  black bean sauce and toasted cashews
STIR FRIED VEG S/H THAI/SAUCE Exotic veggies are stir fried in choise of sauce ( Hunan / Thai / Schezwan)
VEG SINGAPORE Gravy in turmeric flavour with veggies
NOODLES Descriptions
HUNAN NOODLES Stir fried vegetable tossed with nooodles in Hunan Sauce
HAKKA NOODLES Stir fried vegetable tossed with nooodles and a sprincle of soya
SCHEZWAN NOODLES Soft noodles tossed in spicy Schezwan sauce
THAI NOODLES Good for spicy lovers, noodles tossed in spicy thai flavour with exotic veggies
PHAD THAI NOODLES The world famous thai flat noodles saute in peanut sauce
MEI FOON NOODLES Mei fun is a thin rice noodles tossed with bell pepper and veggies
SINGAPORE NOODLE Fresh noodle tossed in turmeric flavour with veggies
CHOPSEY Descriptions
AMERIACN American chopsuey is delightful prepation of crispy noodles served with vegetables and tangy sauce
CHINESE A delicious mix of spicy chopsuey made with various vegetables
DIM SUM & SUI MAI Descriptions
MIX VEG A type of traditional Chinese dumpling served in dim sum